Музыку wav 16 bit 8000hz mono, знак 220в

Convert an Wav file to 16bit or MP3 or Stereo to Mono in order to upload the file in 3CX. Modify the project rate to 8000 Hz and click on “File > Export Audio. Oct 21, 2011 We have some 16bit/8000HZ/Mono/PCM wav files, we need to we found there' re many noise appeared in the 8bit wav files even if the. Mar 12, 2015 . This How-To covers converting music on hold/custom recordings into the correct format for the Avaya IP Office/ShoreTel systems

I've got an 8000 Hz 16 bit mono PCM wav file, and I'd like to export it as an MP3. When I do so, it basically doubles in size. I thought hmm.

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